Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is effective as of: January 1, 2013


To set forth the commitment of SecuEra Technologies Inc. to respect individuals’ privacy and safeguard customer and employee information. The principles set forth here serve as the foundation for SecuEra Technologies’ privacy practices.


This Corporate Policy Statement applies to SecuEra Technologies Inc.

Customer Information Privacy

SecuEra Technologies employees have the responsibility to Use information about SecuEra Technologies customers, employees and website visitors only for legitimate business purposes.

Choice of Using Information

Provide clear notice to customers regarding the use of their information, and respect customers’ choices with regard to the use of their information for marketing purposes.

Data Reliability

SecuEra will carry out reasonable provisions to prohibit information that identifies of SecuEra Technologies customers is not being sold, licensed or shared with others for non-SecuEra Technologies purpose without their consent.


SecuEra will initiate compliance inspections of its significant confidentiality to validate adherence to this policy. If any employee found violating these policy terms will be subjected to disciplinary action.


Maintain applicable technical, administrative and physical controls to protect customer and employee data as required by SecuEra policies and applicable law.

Customers/employees can immediately report information or concerns about any vulnerability, exposure, loss of or unauthorized access to their information to the SecuEra Technologies Security Control Center.


Our website can be browsed anonymously; however we use cookies in order to track and improve our service for you on subsequent visits. These cookies are not used to fetch personal information or information from your computer. Cookies are harmless to your system as they do not transfer virus and cannot be implemented as code.

Using Customer Information

SecuEra Technologies is committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethical and legal conduct I n the collection, use and disclosure of information pertaining to our customers and employees. To meet SecuEra Technologies’ commitment to protect the privacy of customer and employee information, SecuEra Technologies employees have the responsibility to:

  • Comply with applicable privacy laws and regulations wherever SecuEra Technologies does business.
  • Consider the privacy implications of new products and services, SecuEra may introduce, and inform customers about how such products and services may affect their privacy.
  • Share customer or employee information with vendors only to the extent necessary for them to perform their function on our behalf. Further, contracts with such vendors must require them to protect the privacy and security of customer and employee information.


Unless readopted, this Policy expires five years from the date of approval by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).