Electronic Passport

Escalating Document Security Providing Convenience to Citizens

Every day, in every nation, citizens travel across the world for vacations and business trips. Ensuring the identity of every traveler is a complicated task. Even a single piece of distorted information possesses a direct threat to international security. Therefore, passports play a significant role in identifying individuals by providing authorized permits to travelers.

However, with current authentication measures in passport verification, the possibility of identity theft and illegal immigration certainly increases.

Presently there is no electronic centralized system between countries to verify an authorized traveler vs an unauthorized traveler.

  • SecuEra Solutions

    SecuEra has a team of experts that understands the necessity of a flexible and scalable framework needed for any successful secure e-passport project. Therefore, we created a system capable of supporting versatile e-passport enrollment and issuance projects that fit any population size. Now nations can easily issue highly secure passports that will combat against fraud and improve border security.

    At SecuEra, we aim to put forward a system that stores, verifies and authenticates citizens in every possible way. We develop applications for issuing electronic passports, built on international standards such as ICAO and ISO. We implement multi-factor authentication methods by incorporating biometrics such as fingerprints, facial recognition, iris and many more additional features. This way, officials allow only verified and authorized citizens to continue their journey. This approach helps to automate verification and control:

    • Identity theft
    • Cross border security
    • Illegal Immigration
    • National security
    • Expensive dispersed programs

    We offer following software and hardware solutions that collectively ensure easy and effective deployment of complete infrastructure.

    SecuEra’s Unified Credential Management System (UCMS) allows flexible and customizable end-to-end chain of trust for the identity enrollment, personalization, issuance, and life-cycle process.

    SecuEra’s Unified Authentication Client (UCA) and Mobile Applications enable customers to prove and establish trust in a person’s identity at any check point or when accessing resources on the network.

  • SecuEra Credential Use Cases for Electronic Passport

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