National Identity

Empowering National Security with e-National ID

The road to a secured and protected nation passes through the milestone of defined identities for its citizens. A national ID credential acts as a chief source of identification for a citizen anywhere in the world. The cases of identity theft and terrorist activities in the last decade have made people question the integrity of the national security system. This is why it is important to monitor the internal and external security vulnerabilities of the current national ID management system.

Listed below are the key issues that every nation and its citizens face because of weak national security:

  • Illegal immigration
  • Terrorist activities
  • Hacking of financial and personal information
  • Fraudulent transactions

  • SecuEra Solutions

    In accordance with the key issues of weak national security, it is clear that the major reason for these issues is a vulnerable identity management system. This is why we have focused our efforts on bringing a positive difference to the current situation. We understand that in order to limit and effectively halt these security dangers, a fool-proof e-national identity card system is the solution.

    SecuEra UCMS allows customers to easily customize the workflows for the enrollment of citizens and the issuing strong credentials to citizens. With SecuEra products clients can customize validation factors such as demographics and biometrics in simple steps. When SecuEra products are used for national e-IDs the integrity of the citizen registrations is maintained and misuse of identity is prevented.

    With SecuEra multi-application national e-ID cards can be designed which are easy to implement at a very rapid pace on small or large population sizes. SecuEra solutions are capable of combining an identity card with several other provisions such as:

    • Point of entry access grants for locations such as airports and subways
    • Online access grants for government services and other web portals
    • Single application for other legal documents such as a driver’s license, voter card, or passport
    • Recording health information that helps to support healthy populations

    We offer following software and hardware solutions that collectively ensure easy and effective deployment of complete infrastructure.

    SecuEra’s Unified Credential Management System (UCMS) allows flexible and customizable end-to-end chain of trust for the identity enrollment, personalization, issuance, and life-cycle process.

    SecuEra’s Unified Authentication Client (UCA) and Mobile Applications enable customers to prove and establish trust in a person’s identity at any check point or when accessing resources on the network.

  • SecuEra Credential Use Cases for National ID

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