SecuEra strongly believes that developing a wide-ranging solution is the only approach to do more in less time. This is why we offer client middleware that acts as a secured channel between your smartcard or mobile credential and the application (UCMS). A middleware simply allows the user to integrate with on premise or cloud information.

  • Middleware-API

    Since using middleware helps to build a secure interface to interact with database, it is essential for user to be able to perform this job in simple steps. The question arises how? SecuEra offers clear-cut API (Application Programming Interface) that defines a to-the-point methodology to read and write data to smartcard and mobile credentials. This not only saves time but also defines a data model and set up access guidelines without dealing with intricate encoding levels of device. The SecuEra Client Middleware is designed to offer:

    • A secured bridge between credentials and application
    • Flexibility, scalability, stability and best in class performance
    • Supports standard card and mobile credential readers
    • Cost effective alternative to overpriced proprietary software
    • Ability to integrate with designated platforms and frameworks
    • Provisions .NET and Java development environments