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Fast and Secure Issuance of e-Driver's License

A driving license is a must have document for every citizen of a nation. It is the most widely used identity to confirm who you are when executing financial transactions, boarding a plane, driving a car, or where ever identification is required. In fact, it is a great alternative source of identification in countries where a system of national e-ID is yet to be established.

However, the conventional paper or plastic license does no good in terms of determining identification and authenticity of an individual. This is even more of a challenge where visual inspection is not possible like on the internet. The best alternative is to have a smartcard based driver’s license that can work for visual and electronic identification. A smartcard driver’s license can combine multiple applications on a single card such as healthcare and other state/province offered programs. This improves security and saves cost by moving to a single unified identity credential.

  • Challenges with a Traditional Driver’s License

    At the present time, transportation has grown into a huge network. It demands monitoring of accidents and disasters in a timely manner. The most common challenge faced during a disaster is inaccessible or incomplete information about the victim, which can delay medical aid. The conventional driving license provides limited information, which is not adequate to provide accurate and precise medical help.

    Also, there are cases where citizens do not adhere to rules and regulations and falsify their credentials during enrollment. A paper based vehicle registration can easily be duplicated and can carry inaccurate data.

    Vehicle theft is another concern we are confronted with, because an unregistered vehicle is not easily tracked. This also gives rise to illegal transportation of goods across borders.

  • SecuEra Solutions

    In order to simplify the verification and authentication processes, SecuEra offers sustainable e-driving license solutions that:

    • Offers easy enrollment of people and issuance of smartcard driver’s license
    • Offers applications to allow the use of a smartcard driver’s license in the field for “in person” inspection or on the internet
    • Track information such as fines, traffic violations, emergency contacts, medical/insurance details, and other important data about the license holder
    • Reduce cost by saving registration time and by going paperless
    • Monitor acquisition of illegal vehicles
    • Streamline processing at state borders
    • Offer multi layered licenses to fulfill various levels of inspection

    We offer following software and hardware solutions that collectively ensure easy and effective deployment of complete infrastructure.

    SecuEra’s Unified Credential Management System (UCMS) allows flexible and customizable end-to-end chain of trust for the identity enrollment, personalization, issuance, and life-cycle process.

    SecuEra’s Unified Authentication Client (UCA) and Mobile Applications enable customers to prove and establish trust in a person’s identity at any check point or when accessing resources on the network.

  • SecuEra Credential Use Cases for Driver's License

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