Centrally Manage PKI Certificates from Different Certificate Authorities on Single Multi-Application Credential with SecuEra UCMS

SecuEra simplifies complex identity management by providing secure trusted multi-application credentials that deliver intelligent identity and access assurance anytime, anywhere. SecuEra’s Unified Credential Management System (UCMS) is one of the most unique and elite product for lifecycle management of PKI based identity credentials. In order to provide true multi-application credentials, the use of multiple internal and external certificate authorities from various trusted organizations is very important because these issuing authorities provide certificates for services such as eGovernment, ePayment, and secure physical and logical access. Single multi-application credential might have certificates for several certificate authorities, each serving different use case.

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) enables the creation of a trusted environment for securing digital identity credentials over networks, Internet of Things (IoT), and transactions for enterprises. In PKI systems, the private key is maintained by the end user. The public key is available as part of a digital certificate within a directory that can be freely accessed, remains secure and is not transmitted over the network. It is used to authenticate, sign, and encrypt for secure communication and provide authentication, confidentiality and non-repudiation.
SecuEra UCMS can ensure that users, devices and things from all industries and markets will be fully secured and managed in a user centric, flexible, and vendor agnostic way. From this, issuing entities can rely on the SecuEra system to act as the “glue” to issue single credentials for applications that combine strong identity to areas such as Education, Health, Transportation, Gov’t subsidies, Payment (EMV), Classified & Non-Classified Access.
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