SecuEra Identity Management Products Now Fully Support Microsoft Windows 10 OS

We at SecuEra are proud to announce that all the features of SecuEra Unified Credential Management System (UCMS) and Self Service products that provides multi-application credentialing, identity management and authentication solutions, are now supported on the new Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System.

With UCMS, customers are able to issue Identity credentials and EMV payments for markets such as drivers licenses, border control, national ID’s, employee ID’s and e-government services, via PKI or biometrics.

SecuEra’s UCMS is a purpose-built comprehensive turnkey identity solution that can be deployed in weeks, with the ability to evolve for years to come. Now with the tested and verified capability to support Windows 10, SecuEra’s UCMS provides everything the customers need in a single, interoperable platform to enroll, verify, personalize, issue and manage credentials from birth to death for any market.


By utilizing Windows 10’s single enterprise wide operating system, we at SecuEra are able to enhance our cross platform, open source, hardware agnostic products, being one of the first in the cybersecurity industry to makes these features available to our customers via the Windows 10 operating system.

To learn more about our identity, authentication and management solutions, as well as how they support and integrate with Microsoft Windows 10, feel free to contact us at SecuEra for more information:

Phone: +1-703-760-7824


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