Future of Security Requires Trusted Unique Identity for Both Users and Devices.

Security continues to be the key challenge for protecting physical and logical assets. Together we can be more secure and more efficient anytime; anywhere we need to use our identity to gain access.

We want to protect our personal information and credentials from falling into wrong hands. It is something people have been trying to do for decades. The challenge still remains that hackers also have been sophisticated in breaking various methods used to protect identity and access.

Various polls show that in Enterprise, up to 95 percent of employees use third party applications on their mobile devices for work and on average they are using up to 10 apps. This means you have applications accessing internet corporate network, you are not aware of. If your smartphone / tablet is lost or stolen, how sensitive data have you stored on it? What protection do you have in place to ensure unauthorized users or devices can’t gain access to your confidential information?

These are fundamental questions that tell us that how important it is to protect the identity and access of devices and users. We are in the new Era of Internet of Things (IoT). We believe that unique secure identity is important for both the device to be allowed on the network and user to again access to their device and corporate networks.

Combination of PKI credentials and biometric is the future of identity and access security. Often PIN or passcode protection is implemented to control access but they are a weak measure of authentication. Companies like Microsoft and Apple are focusing on stronger authentication technologies such as biometrics. SecuEra is also focused on making those devices and technologies more useful by providing unified credential management system that allows you to enroll, personalize, issue, and life-cycle manage PKI and none PKI credentials to users and devices.

Future of secure identity and access control is promising if industries collaborate and use unified standards based solutions that are interoperable. SecuEra Technologies Inc. promises to deliver secure, affordable, reliable, and flexible solutions to customers.

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