Biometrics Authentication: Elevating Security Standards in Organizations

Increasing digital connection among people, devices and organizations have led to demand of secure and reliable identity and access management infrastructure. Security breaches, loss of confidential information, mislead identities and accessing unauthorized applications and premises are few but not limited consequences of vulnerable security system. It is essential for organizations to follow tools and technologies that provide strong validations for individuals and tells precisely who they are. One of such technologies that have gained massive popularity in last few years is the use of biometrics. (more…)

Future of Security Requires Trusted Unique Identity for Both Users and Devices.

Security continues to be the key challenge for protecting physical and logical assets. Together we can be more secure and more efficient anytime; anywhere we need to use our identity to gain access.

We want to protect our personal information and credentials from falling into wrong hands. It is something people have been trying to do for decades. The challenge still remains that hackers also have been sophisticated in breaking various methods used to protect identity and access.