Centrally Manage PKI Certificates from Different Certificate Authorities on Single Multi-Application Credential with SecuEra UCMS

SecuEra simplifies complex identity management by providing secure trusted multi-application credentials that deliver intelligent identity and access assurance anytime, anywhere. SecuEra’s Unified Credential Management System (UCMS) is one of the most unique and elite product for lifecycle management of PKI based identity credentials. In order to provide true multi-application credentials, the use of multiple internal and external certificate authorities from various trusted organizations is very important because these issuing authorities provide certificates for services such as eGovernment, ePayment, and secure physical and logical access. Single multi-application credential might have certificates for several certificate authorities, each serving different use case.

Secuera has a new address

SecuEra Technologies expanded into a new well-furnished, vibrant and spacious office premises at an upmarket location in Madhapur, Hyderabad. Mr. Gurpreet Singh Manes, the CEO of the company inaugurated the new office. Mr. Manes along with his excited team started another chapter of the eventful journey called SecuEra Technologies with great pride and pomp. The office layout has a serene open plan environment which enables better communication, collaboration and camaraderie among the employees. (more…)

User-Centric Identity Management: building platforms that promote security

We at SecuEra are proud to present our latest summer 2015 ad featured in Innovation and Tech Today Magazine. Click the link below to check it out!


SecuEra Identity Management Products Now Fully Support Microsoft Windows 10 OS

We at SecuEra are proud to announce that all the features of SecuEra Unified Credential Management System (UCMS) and Self Service products that provides multi-application credentialing, identity management and authentication solutions, are now supported on the new Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System.

SecuEra at Smart Card Alliance

SecuEra joined in 14th Annual Smart Card Alliance (SCA) Government Conference took place at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center contributing for strong authentication towards identity and ID security. SCA is one of the most prominent and exclusive conference that brings together the entire security industry and open possibilities for a more secure nation. SecuEra with its team showcased three of its flagship products: Unified Credential Management System, Derived Credentials and Mobile UCMS. (more…)

Join SecuEra at Smart Card Alliance Government Conference 2015, Washington DC

SecuEra Technologies participates at the Leading Showcase for Government Projects in ID and Security at the 14th Annual Smart Card Alliance Government Conference taking place at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center

June 9-10, 2015 * Washington, DC

 SecuEra is the new era in identity security…are you up to speed to avoid cyberattacks?


Utimaco and SecuEra Technologies Join Forces

Collaboration Between Hardware Security Module & Identity Security Integrator Builds a Trusted Ecosystem

LOS GATOS, Calif. & VIENNA, Va.—April 16, 2015—Utimaco, a worldwide leading manufacturer of hardware-based security solutions and SecuEra Technologies, a global security integrator, announced today a joint alliance to protect leading organizations’ most sensitive and valuable information that demands the highest levels of security.

SecuEra Ranks Top 25 Among Cybersecurity Ventures’ 500

In a recent survey conducted by Menlo Park Ventures, an independent technology advisory and research firm, SecuEra was ranked 25th in the top cybersecurity vendors list. In the recent years, almost everybody is concerned about the increasing number of security breaches. With the escalation of such risks across the globe, identity and data security has become an incredibly important issue. At SecuEra, we aim to address these challenges and provide Ecosystem of Trust. (more…)

Biometrics Authentication: Elevating Security Standards in Organizations

Increasing digital connection among people, devices and organizations have led to demand of secure and reliable identity and access management infrastructure. Security breaches, loss of confidential information, mislead identities and accessing unauthorized applications and premises are few but not limited consequences of vulnerable security system. It is essential for organizations to follow tools and technologies that provide strong validations for individuals and tells precisely who they are. One of such technologies that have gained massive popularity in last few years is the use of biometrics. (more…)

Future of Security Requires Trusted Unique Identity for Both Users and Devices.

Security continues to be the key challenge for protecting physical and logical assets. Together we can be more secure and more efficient anytime; anywhere we need to use our identity to gain access.

We want to protect our personal information and credentials from falling into wrong hands. It is something people have been trying to do for decades. The challenge still remains that hackers also have been sophisticated in breaking various methods used to protect identity and access.