Who Are We?

SecuEra is a security solutions provider that allows organizations to ensure that their identity, data, devices and premises are protected against security breaches. We offer technology-driven credential, identity and access management solutions to organizations in several different markets. We are a professional company that believes in addressing the requirements of our clients globally with complete integrated end to end solutions. SecuEra thrives on a team of experienced research and development professionals with a strong knowledge in identity, security and authentication. SecuEra aims to provide a secure infrastructure, free from security breaches.

What We Do?

We deliver products and services that focus on improving security in terms of identity and access management in organizations. We deliver the complete set-up required for a successful identity venture including our flagship product, Unified Credential Management System (UCMS), Unified Authentication Client, and hardware such as smartcards, readers, ID printers, biometrics, and enrollment and issuance stations. Our products are developed with interoperable identity solutions as one of the key factors. We also offer consulting and custom development services to provide our clients, a fully customized solution. We leverage fundamental identification technologies to provide a full range of secure ID solutions to serve multiple markets such as Government, Enterprise, Healthcare, and Education.


To build trusted digital identity solutions for organizations, citizens and countries thereby helping to reduce security breaches and enforcing confidence, privacy and innovation.


SecuEra is committed to putting our customers first by providing the most secure identity solution experiences. Integrity, performance excellence, accountability and responsibility are the heart of everything we do. SecuEra is dedicated to providing the best quality products with unparalleled responsibility and commitment.


SecuEra teams adhere to positive values that lead our results and performance

  • Employee Oriented – We develop and identify capabilities of our resources
  • Responsive – We visualize, interpret and deploy
  • Liable – We stand by our commitments
  • Team-Oriented – We pool resources to guarantee successful end results