Advanced Security and Easy Payment Process for Travellers

The increase in the use of public transportation is leading to an increased demand of simpler and effortless payment criteria. With a large population relying on public transport, the key concerns are simplifying the passenger experience, minimizing fraud and issuance of strong credentials.

Building a secure infrastructure involves multiple phases, starting from inception to final credential personalization. An identity management project can be complex and challenging when one is not a subject matter expert. SecuEra works with customers to make such projects at ease.

  • SecuEra Solutions

    SecuEra solutions for identification and electronic payment of travelers is not limited to smart card based technology but also includes the latest technology trending these days which is NFC. We are capable of integrating our multi-applicative solution with mobile devices offering time saving transactions via e-ticketing methods.

    Our solution is flexible, adaptive and scalable to diverse requirements. We make sure all transactions are performed by a series of steps to eliminate identity breaches, financial fraud and make travelling effortless. Whether travelling by bus, train or airplane, we provide a complete range solution that streamlines transportation transactions, access regulation and payment processes.

    SecuEra UCMS simplifies the experience of travelling by offering a platform that can be executed as transit cards. This system allows travelers to:

    • Pay for tickets through prepaid contactless cards
    • Automatic tariff collection
    • Speedy transactions
    • Use transit cards for any mode of transportation such as metro trains, buses, and flights
    • Travel multiple places without worrying about registration even in a new city
    • Recharge cards by using credit cards or cash deposit

    SecuEra solutions help control security risks and offer citizens ease of travelling. Places like airports and metro stations are more susceptible to terrorist and theft activities. Subsequently by employing this technology, government is able to safeguard the citizens and offer a comfortable travelling experience.

    We offer following software and hardware solutions that collectively ensure easy and effective deployment of complete infrastructure.

    SecuEra’s Unified Credential Management System (UCMS) allows flexible and customizable end-to-end chain of trust for the identity enrollment, personalization, issuance, and life-cycle process.

    SecuEra’s Unified Authentication Client (UCA) and Mobile Applications enable customers to prove and establish trust in a person’s identity at any check point or when accessing resources on the network.

  • SecuEra Credential Use Cases for Transit

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