SecuEra Serving Trusted Government Electronic Identities

The world population exceeds 7 billion. Securing and managing identities for citizens is a great challenge faced by every government. Governments face a mounting challenge with attacks and numerous breaches witnessed in government offices. Increasingly large population sizes and in some cases large pools of citizens who still do not possess any proof of identity make the challenge all the greater. Therefore, it becomes imperative for officials to have a robust infrastructure to issue, validate, and authorize credentials for the citizens. Officials have tried to implement strong identity management projects but these projects have fallen short in some way or another.

Unified Credential Management System Deployment Diagram

A government provides several forms of identity documents for its citizens such as: passports, driver’s license, national ID, and national healthcare ID. Each of these government identity documents contains confidential information. Therefore, it is a fundamental need to prevent security breaches. SecuEra is pleased to provide solutions for various electronic identity needs such as:

We are committed to international standards as a way of providing the value to our customers with the best longterm value. We understand the value of protecting the integrity of national documents and we aim incorporate the best of new ideas and new technologies to offer nationwide peerless security and protect government assets.