Strong Assurance Identity and Access Solutions in Enterprises

In the present and future scenario, online business is and will be the next new trend. Regardless of the organization, administrators wish for a system that not only enrolls the users but also provides a secure framework for exchanging information. Identity theft and cybercrime attacks have become common in corporate firms, financial institutions and travel sector. Another challenge is, the increase in complex security settings, so organizations need to have proper security mechanisms and management in place to ensure that they only allow secure authorized entry and secure the premises for both online access and physical access.

Unified Credential Management System Deployment Diagram

Stronger authentication methods include digital certificates, security tokens and biometrics. Often, many enterprises use combinations of these including passwords, to place a higher degree of trust for higher risk applications or information access.

SecuEra offers a complete package to credential and manage users in following sectors of Enterprise market:

We help organizations protect and manage their assets and users with high level security for logical, physical, and cloud-based environments. Implementing SecuEra software and hardware collectively can help customers approach towards a secured infrastructure leading to fraud-free environment.