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Statistics show that corporate security breaches account for more than 45% of all the security related counterfeits. Every corporation is at risk of losing highly confidential information through their employees, devices, and servers. Currently, cloud computing is utilized extensively; however, users often forget the risks that come along with cloud computing, such as:

  • Cloud Security
  • Server Security
  • Unauthorized access to devices
  • Unofficial exchange of company information to outsiders
  • Password technology that is easily hacked
  • Insider threats from employees

  • SecuEra Solutions

    Implementing SecuEra solutions can help companies approach a secured infrastructure with lower operational costs and sustain unmatched security premises. An access system deployed with smart credential features works effectively with security devices and offers a resilient approach to make certain that only the authorized users are granted access to information.

    In order to protect intellectual property, identity and access management is a fundamental for every corporation. So it’s time to take a strong initiative with SecuEra and deploy a complete security system that protects you and your company.

    Our system allows the administrators to stay a step ahead of such security breaches by monitoring activities like:

    • Log in - Log out time of employees
    • Physical access to premises, restricted areas or parking
    • Logical access for devices, cloud and E-mails
    • Secure file exchange
    • Identifying with multi-factor authentication methods such as digital signature, passwords, and fingerprints
    • Checking on accounts, salaries, taxes, reimbursements, etc.
    • Document encryption to validate the identity and access
    • Identifying and granting access to visitors, suppliers and other guests

    Our services are not only limited to these functions, we can adopt whatever features are required by our customers. You name it and we can do it.

    We offer following software and hardware solutions that collectively ensure easy and effective deployment of complete infrastructure.

    SecuEra’s Unified Credential Management System (UCMS) allows flexible and customizable end-to-end chain of trust for the identity enrollment, personalization, issuance, and life-cycle process.

    SecuEra’s Unified Authentication Client (UCA) and Mobile Applications enable customers to prove and establish trust in a person’s identity at any check point or when accessing resources on the network.

  • SecuEra Credential Use Cases for Corporate

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