With security threats targeting every segment of industry, organizations have begun to pay a closer attention to identity and access management. SecuEra delivers a unified operational and reliable risk-free security consulting service that supports maximum level of security for devices and people.

  • SecuEra Solutions

    We assist customers to recognize, calibrate and examine a broad spectrum of logical, physical, and cyber risk factors. We carry out prudent security consultation after assessing the present scenario of the framework and implementing cost-effective yet promising solutions.

    • With our experts, well-versed with global challenges of the security systems, it becomes easy for us to understand your far-reaching infrastructure and deliver solutions that are appropriate to your requirements.
    • Our consultancy services are based on real time circumstances with practical timelines and financial estimates.
    • We make every effort to carry out advanced security risk examination with verified and tested technical services.
  • Why SecuEra Strategic Consulting Services?

    • Informative Sessions – SecuEra hosts educational sessions like webinars, seminars, presentations and workshops to enlighten organizations about the current drawbacks in security systems and latest technologies to overcome them.
    • Strategy – Workshops to assist organizations in formulating an appropriate strategy to enter a new market, successfully drifting technology, or extend services.
    • Programming & Project Management – Provide supervision of experienced individuals to set up a project, and potentially help managing the successful delivery of the project.
    • Subject Matter Expertise – Provide skilled consultancy to support business, technical, and operational aspects of an initiative, e.g. business analysis, specification development, testing & certification planning, process mapping, and procedure development.
    • Training for Identity and Access Management Products: In order to implement the application, SecuEra offers extensive training programs that focus on providing knowledge to customers and operators.
      • For Customers
        It is essential to provide comprehensive information about the product to client so he can make the best out of it. In these courses we host constructive meetings with customers which entail demos, meetings and webinars that describe how a customer can deploy the product and accomplish productive outcomes.
      • For Operators
        For operators and administrators to run the application successfully, we offer progressive training sessions. In such sessions, we not only demonstrate them the technical aspects, configuration methods, installation processes but also effective practices to utilize the application so that more applicants can be enrolled in less time thereby increasing overall productivity.

      Our team has successful experience to assist organizations to set up security compliance in a cost-efficient manner. We aim to help customers create a trusted world.